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We deliver the full power of Huuuge resources, experience and know-how to grow your F2P mobile game to the next level!
10 offices in 10 cities worldwide
190+ countries playing our games
$500M+ revenue since 2015
50+ world-class marketing specialists
$100M+ annual digital ad spend
2Bn impressions bought each month

What we are looking for


We are actively looking for games in the free-to-play business model, both already live in the stores (Google Play Store, App Store) and release candidates.

Proven Traction

We’re looking for games that are already live (officially released or soft-launched) and collect data that we can analyze.

Amazing Teams

We’re constantly seeking talented developers to build long term cooperation and partnership, so that we can reach the stars together!


We want to help your games deliver a unique experience through for players around the world.

Our success stories

Transport It! - Idle Tycoon

Become an idle transport tycoon!
Grow your transport empire in this fun time killer game with elements of color-match, clicker/tapper, and classic idle gameplay. Who knows, maybe you become a real transport magnate? Hurdling obstacles, generate cash.

Chess Stars

With a simple layout and 3 exciting game modes, Chess Stars is the best way to play Chess for players of all levels, from kids & beginners to chess lovers.

Traffic Puzzle

Traffic Puzzle is a brand new match 3 puzzle game combined with jewel blast fun! Help two awesome cops restore order in the city! Lucre, the villain, made quite a mess on the streets, and it’s down to you to fix it! Start unblocking cars now!

Use our product & scaling know-how

Distribution and performance marketing

One of the largest mobile marketing team in the industry - a team of 50+ world-class specialists such as media buyers, analysts, artists, social media managers supported by a team for regional APAC marketing activities in Hong Kong is waiting to make some magic happen for your title! Having well-established, long term partnership with platform holders (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook) we ensure the best distribution support for your game.

Production know-how and feedbacking

We provide tailored and individual support for your game including providing feedback, testing, QA and knowledge sharing. We jump into action right away, answering all your needs and doubts and pointing out things that should be improved in the game to make it a shining diamond among other titles in the stores.

Advanced analytics

Thanks to our Technology Team, we developed our own analytics platform which collects data from our games each day. Based on players' preferences, all product and marketing decisions are powered by this powerful analytics tool. We want to use these state-of-the-art tools to help you power up your games too.

Monetization know-how

We provide comprehensive feedback on how to set up each game parameter to assure the most effective product monetization. To help your efforts, you can count on our Unity-powered ad monetization framework that has been optimized for maximum eCPMs and revenue. We only work with the best and most effective ad networks.

ASO and marketing tactics

Our secret is an in-house product called HSO (Huuuge Store Optimizer) which allows us to perform pre-release a/b tests not on both store listings & game titles. You can gain a Huuuge store advantage and have your game optimized way before the official launch!

Financial support

Depending on your particular needs we deliver financial support for your project, team or even the whole studio! Our key KPI is to build long-term relationships with the best talents around the world and support them whenever necessary!


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